They told me it was just a hobby...

Cyril Vouilloz aka RYLSEE.
The Berlin based Swiss Artist has developed his reputation and skills through diverse forms of art. Ranging from graffiti, graphic design, hand lettering, and an avant-garde approach to typography. Inspired by moments of everyday life, the city and the passion for skateboarding, laced to the desire to make people smile.

Selected clients and partners:

Pizza trust

My creations usually come from a simple idea. I always carry my sketchbook with me to write down my thoughts and develop them into something visually stimulating.

Primal instinct

One of Rylsee's most well-known street interventions is a sticker that says TOO SHY TO RAP. Written in flamboyant bubble letters [..] it raises a smile of the thought of the nerdy artist who is too shy to share his love for Hip Hop except via anonymous messages.
John Z. Komurki (Moleskine)
Using only his drawing skills, Rylsee becomes the modern alchemist, plotting optical illusions in 2D that look like native 3D.
Pascal Feucher (Urban Spree founder)

Let's work together!

Street gifts

On top of generating a tone of funny anecdotes over the years, painting in the streets is something I deeply appreciate for its generous aspect.
Indeed, I always feel that all the passion and energy put in the artwork will, in fine, belongs to everyone in the hood.

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